About Us

EZ-Bak® Solution's mission is to help you attain back pain relief in an easy, comfortable and effective way.

Our founder, Dr. Berthiaume was suffering from chronic back pain due to a misshaped vertebra. No matter how hard he tried to get adjusted consistently, a busy practice, kids and family commitments did not always leave enough time for him. He needed something that he could do daily to treat his aching back.

This is why he created Lo-Bak TRAX™.

Lo-Bak TRAX™ was life changing for him so he felt the need to let everyone suffering like he used to know about it's effectiveness. This led him away from the office setting where he eventually crossed paths with Lori Greiner from SharkTank fame.

Lori & Dr. Berthiaume successfully teamed up on the home shopping network QVC, to bring Lo-Bak TRAX™ to over 500,000 back pain sufferers. It now has a respected reputation, FDA clearance and a 4 star user rating on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews.

EZ-Bak® Massager is a brand new design improvement over foam rollers. You are now able to stand, lean and roll against the wall instead of getting down on the floor. This allows you target the area of need in a more accurate manner and it also allows you to control the exact amount of force applied to the area.

Dr Berthiaume knew from experience that people suffering needed an option that could easily target the neck & shoulder areas as well as the back & hips.

EZ-Bak® Massager is able to treat from the head to the hips in an easy, comfortable and effective way unlike anything else available currently. 

The bottom line, all of EZ-Bak® Solution's designs are based on information gained from decades of experience treating people in pain. Dr Berthiaume saw what worked and what didn't. Most of all he knew that consistency was the key to improvement. 

All products are designed to be used at home so that inconsistent treatments should never again be a problem. In fact, we recommend that you use EZ-Bak® Solutions products from the comfort of your bedroom where you are most relaxed and dressed comfortable.

With a lifetime guarantee against breakage, EZ-Bak® Solutions products are always available to help 24/7.

We like to say that they are the bedroom partners that never say no.